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  Nix Manager - Linux/Unix Server Manager

Nix Manager Screen shot

Nix Manager is a Windows application that enables you to register your Linux/Unix servers, fetch hardware specifications via SSH/Telnet protocol, make a note of servers, execute a command to multiple servers.

  • Server List Panel
Nix Manager Server List Panel

You may register your servers with their IP address, SSH/Telnet account. Nix Manager will fetch the System Information, identify the OS type.

You can add additional info to 'Classification' field and can write a server's history to 'Note'. Nix manger offers a 'Find' that searches all data so that you can find a server quickly.


  • System Information Panel

Nix Manager System Information Panel

If you register a server with a valid SSH/Telnet account, Nix Manager fetches system information including CPU, Memory, Disk, Network data.


  • Batch Console Panel
Nix Manager Batch Console Panel

You can quickly check server's availability by 'Ping', and execute a Linux/Unix command to multiple servers.


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Supported Linux/Unix and major tested versions:

- Linux (Red hat, Ubuntu, Fedora...)
- SunOS (9, 10)
- IBM Aix (5, 6, 7)
- FreeBSD (8)
- HP-UX (11) *

* Fetching Disk, Network data is not available on HP-UX


Microsoft.NET 2.0 or higher required.

Nix Manager is a freeware.


- Detaching panels

Detach Icon

Each panels have 'Detach' button that you can detach the panel and see it separately to compare with others easily.

- Searching all data


Nix Manager peforms case-insensitive search for all data entered/fetched.

- Exporting server data to a CSV file

Export to CSV

You can export all data managed by Nix Manager to a CSV file.

- Making a backup, moving server data

Data Folder

You may open the data folder and make a backup of all sub-directories and files on it.

You may move those files for other PC's Nix Manager. However, you need to re-enter SSH/Telnet password.

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