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  3rd Tweet - Twitter Application for Second Life

3rd Tweet HUD

3rd Tweet HUD

3rd Tweet is a Twitter application that enables you to use your Twitter account from Second Life inworld HUD.


  • Timeline operation
Timeline icon

You can browse your Timeline, Tweet, Retweet, Delete your tweet. 3rd Tweet is ready for International characters.

Browsing timeline

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  • Settings, Tools
Setting Icon

3rd Tweet uses OAuth method for authorization that enables you to access your Twitter acount. Authorization process will be done at built-in or external browser.

3rd Tweets offers URL shortening service via Bitly. You can shorten your URL (e.g., SLurl) to send tweet or direct message.

OAuth authorization   OAuth authorization

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This is a long term authorization and generally you need to do this only once. You can view or change this authorization at your Twitter Account > Settings > Connections.


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Quick start

1. Wear HUD (Bottom-right is default).

2. Click Twitter logo icon from HUD.

3. Click 'Register' button.


4. Connect with your Twitter account in
    the web browser.

5. Enjoy!


Buy 3rd Tweet at the Marketplace.


We have tested the 3rd Tweet HUD with,

- Second Life Viewer 3.0.0
- Phoenix Viewer 1.5.2
- Radegest 2.0

in Windows.

Version Update & Support

Current Version: v1.5

We offer free version update. When we release a new version, you will get update in a few days at Second Life In-world.


Version History


Direct Message functions are deprecated due to the technical difficulties of Twitter's new permission level


Now, you can shorten your URL via 't' icon menu > [ShortenURL] button. Internal minor issue concerned with the 'Time over' message has been improved.


Now, timeline messages and direct messages include Screen Name(SN:) as well as message ID(ID:) that enables you to write direct message from Timeline. Note that Twitter does not allow you to write direct message to whom does not follow you.

Direct message sending format has been changed. Now you should write ',' character for screen name - message body separator. Writing ',' character in the message body is allowed.

For text viewer users, 3rd Tweet accepts chat commands for menu activation.


First release.

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