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  3rd Status - Region/Parcel Status Monitor for Second Life

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3rd Status is a Region/Parcel Status Monitor for sim, shop, business owners of Second Life.

This enables you to monitor important data from your multiple regions, parcels at a look via the 3rd Status Viewer.



  • Configuration - Antenna & Viewer

Antenna is an object that you rez in your region or parcel that you want to monitor. You can rez it as many as you want and can change the prim shape. (Copy, Modify permission)

Viewer is an application program that you can install to your Windows PC, to monitor and control antennas.

Viewer also includes built-in browsers that enables you to use Web Services and Second Life Search.


  • Region/Parcel Status Monitoring

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Viewer enables you to monitor all Status data from rezzed antennas In-world. Antenna sends about 40 status and flag data including,

- Agent count
- Region FPS
- Parcel Prim Left

- Avatar/Script count
- Simulator version

You can update the Status data periodically/manually, let the Viewer notify you for specific region FPS, Prim Left values and communication failure (e.g., region down) status.


  • Controlling

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Viewer offers a way to communicate with other objects in your region, parcel by Chat function.

You can define chat range, channel and message to send out by the selected antennas.


  • Built-in Browsers

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Viewer has two browsers - one for normal Web Browsing and the other is for Second Life Search.

Normal browser offers short-cuts for Grid status, Second Life home, Marketplace web pages.

Search browser enables you to search via Second Life Search service.

You can adjust the use of the browsers - Web & Search, Web only, Search only or None in the Viewer > Options.

Using Web & Search browsers is recommended for full wide screen monitor.

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Quick start

1. Rez Antenna

Get antenna at Marketplace, Rez it in your region/parcel and you will get antenna ID in the chat window. Copy this ID.

2. Download and install Viewer

3. Add Antenna in the Viewer

Antenna > Add... in the menu, paste antenna ID.

4. Setup settings in the Viewer

Change Status Update, Monitor and Browser use options as you want.

5. Done

Get Antenna & Viewer

Get Antenna from Marketplace

3rd Status Viewer Download

Viewer uses .NET framework 2.0 or later. We have tested the 3rd Status Viewer at,

Windows Server 2008/R2, 7, Vista, XP

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